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Hey! My name is Jimmy Oligney and I'm a commercial and theatrical portrait photographer providing corporate, artist, and social media headshots in the Bay Area. I'm a lifetime serial artist in various mediums and disciplines. My artistic career began as an actor and a dancer. I've acted all over the country including a decade in NYC where I also began photographing people. My background as an actor has positioned me uniquely to relate to other actors but people from all walks can benefit from my ability to connect. After refining my craft in NYC and L.A. I'm very happy to make my home in the gorgeous and vibrant Bay Area! I strive to capture the essence of the individual and I'm a proud participant in the dynamic teacher/student relationship we all share with each other.

In our world of ubiquitous social media the still image is just as powerful in its ability to influence and touch us as it ever was. Imagery persistently, relentlessly appears before our eyes. It is a special challenge to capture these moments in a compelling and persuasive manner. I optimize the use of natural or available light whenever possible, which can yield exciting and dramatic results.

I believe that technical presence, artistic simplicity, and an honest connection are keys to creating consistently accessible and engaging photography. I believe deeply in the symbiosis between subject and photographer. Our time together will be active, lighthearted, interesting, and enjoyable.


More stuff about me than you ever needed to know... (Really, I'm likely to get into the weeds quickly here so proceed at your own risk.)


I'm French-Canadian. (See, I told you I was headed for the weeds.) My last name, Oligney, is pronounced oh-LIG-nee and it's been modified from the original Coligny. For you history buffs, yes, I'm descended from that Coligny.


I call Oakland home now but lived in NYC for 20+ years. I had a friend there who was from the Bay Area and, knowing me quite well, insisted that the Bay Area would be the perfect climate for me. When I finally made my way out here for a visit and realized that she was so right, it only took about 4 years to finally make this location my home. There was a 3 year stint in L.A. as a stopover. The traffic, the heat, don't get me started.

Of course there's traffic here, too. But the variety of geographical access is practically unparalleled; a gold mine for a photographer. Sea, desert, forest, snow, all in the same day!!


I live in Oakland with my wife, 7 year old son, and Bindi the cat. I've been a stay-at-home dad for the past few years which has both tested and instructed my patience. OK, mostly tested.

The richness of culture and diversity here in the Bay Area makes our souls happy.


I was a Canon shooter for the formative years of my career but I've been a FujiFilm mirrorless X-shooter for the past few years. FujiFilm kits are a joy in the hand. The flexibility and color reproduction of the files is excellent.

I could talk gear for days. If you're interested, too, hit me up and let's chat!

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